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Re: WRPT - Upton Bell

I heard Upton (albeit VERY briefly) earlier this week, so he may have taken a
day off.  Either that or he may be a part of the new lineup reportedly coming to
WJLT-1060.  There are reports that the station will change calls to WMEX, but no
firm word on what the format will be once the christian group ends it's lease of
the station.  Tomorrow, the 15th, may be a good time to check out 1060....

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

John Andrews wrote:

> I have noticed some messages about format changes involving 1060 and 650.
> Noticed yesterday that Upton Bell was not on WRPT/WSRO.  Does anyone know if
> this a precursor to an upcoming change, or just something I should have
> noticed a couple of weeks ago?
> John Andrews