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Re: The Red Sox

The Sox (then known as the Boston Americans) won the 1903 World's Series (as 
they called it them), beating the Pittsburgh Pirates.

They won the AL pennant the next year, 1904, but the National League pennant 
winner, the New York Giants, refused to play the upstart AL, and no World's 
Series was held.

The Red Sox started using their nickname in 1908, when their Commonwealth 
Avenue rivals, the Braves (originally known as the Boston Red Stockings), 
changed their socks from red to blue.

The Sox won the series again in 1912, 1915, 1916, and 1918.  It is noteworthy 
that the Braves, who won the NL pennant and the World Series in 1914, play 
the series home games at Fenway Park.  So Fenway hosted a World Series winner 
five times in the teens.

One other note: the 1914 World Series was Boston vs. Philadelphia, with 
Boston winning.  The 1915 World Series was Boston vs. Philadelphia, with 
Boston winning again.   But it was four different teams.  1914 was Boston 
Braves vs. Philadelphia A's, and 1915 was Red Sox vs. Phillies.