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Re: Traffic

In a message dated 10/12/99 2:28:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
nostatic@earthlink.net writes:
<< As far as 128 is concerned, just change the name to I-95 and be done with
 it.  There will be some confusion at the beginning, but all the exit and
 route conflicts could be solved at the same time, >>

sure... then we could just call the remaining sections of the road by more 
appropriate names....
to the north, call it the Gloucester road...
to the south, call it the Parking Lot....

it's always been 128.  it is 128.  it will be 128.  ( i learned that from 

besides, changing the name entirely would mean Jonathon Richman would have to 
go and re-record "Road Runner"  (although it's questionable whether or not 
the Stop&Shop store name will survive at this point...) 

- -Chuck Igo  (who used to use 128 as a blowdryer in the 70's... wash hair, 
start car, drive really fast... )