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Re: Traffic

When I lived in Connecticut, changing route numbers is old hat.  First, the
old Route 52 became I-395.  Then, Hartford got wierd.  The Feds changed the
old I-86 to I-84, THEN the OLD I-84 became I-384!  Talk about confusion on
traffic reports for the first few months.  Eventually everyone did adjust,
however I do know some old timers in Eastern Connecticut that still call
I-395 Route 52.

As far as 128 is concerned, just change the name to I-95 and be done with
it.  There will be some confusion at the beginning, but all the exit and
route conflicts could be solved at the same time, and it would make more
sense of traffic updates.  As far as the locals, of which I am one---suck it
up and deal.  Either that or return the Federal Highway money that built 128,
er..I-95 in the first place.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

"A. Joseph Ross" wrote:

> More likely, people will continue to call it Route 128, and more
> people will get confused.
> > Dual-numbering I-95 and MA 128 serves no purpose, and in fact,
> causes
> > confusion.  For example, there's two Exit 26s off 128:  one in
> Peabody on
> > MA 128 and one in Waltham on MA 128/I-95.
> That's because the Feds insisted on changing the route numbers.  They
> don't care how much their actions confuse local people.
> We've lost Jordan Marsh and we're about to lose Fenway Park.  But we
> can still fight to keep Route 128.