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Re: Traffic

<<On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 02:19:20 -0400, Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net> said:

> up and deal.  Either that or return the Federal Highway money that built 128,
> er..I-95 in the first place.

Federal highway money didn't build 128 in the first place -- that's
why it was called 128!

What happened was, when Sargent cancelled all of the ongoing projects
inside 128 (NE Expressway, NW Expressway, Inner Belt, SW Expressway),
some of the Federal funding was diverted to mass transit (Orange Line
Haymarket-North and SW Corridor projects, Red Line to Alewife and
Braintree) and the rest was used to widen 128 from three lanes to four
between Needham and Woburn.

It was with this project, built with FAI (Federal Aid Interstate)
money, which caused FHwA to insist that the 128 designation be
dropped, because under the rules then in place, FAI funding could only
be used for roads in the Interstate Highway System.  (Under today's
rules, this would not have happened; the National Highway System
includes roads of all designations.)

ObRadio: ummmmm.....


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