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Re: Traffic

I seem to recall that I-84 was I-84 before the change to I-86 in the (late 70s?)

I-84 used to be Rte 15 as well,north of Hartford IIRC.

 ---- On Oct 12 Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net> wrote: 
> When I lived in Connecticut, changing route numbers is old hat.  First, the
> old Route 52 became I-395.  Then, Hartford got wierd.  The Feds changed the
> old I-86 to I-84, THEN the OLD I-84 became I-384!  Talk about confusion on
> traffic reports for the first few months.  Eventually everyone did adjust,
> however I do know some old timers in Eastern Connecticut that still call
> I-395 Route 52.
> As far as 128 is concerned, just change the name to I-95 and be done with
> it.  There will be some confusion at the beginning, but all the exit and
> route conflicts could be solved at the same time, and it would make more
> sense of traffic updates.  As far as the locals, of which I am one---suck it
> up and deal.  Either that or return the Federal Highway money that built 128,
> er..I-95 in the first place.
> Mike Thomas
> WXLO & Mediabase 24/7
> "A. Joseph Ross" wrote:
> > More likely, people will continue to call it Route 128, and more
> > people will get confused.
> >
> > > Dual-numbering I-95 and MA 128 serves no purpose, and in fact,
> > causes
> > > confusion.  For example, there's two Exit 26s off 128:  one in
> > Peabody on
> > > MA 128 and one in Waltham on MA 128/I-95.
> >
> > That's because the Feds insisted on changing the route numbers.  They
> > don't care how much their actions confuse local people.
> >
> > We've lost Jordan Marsh and we're about to lose Fenway Park.  But we
> > can still fight to keep Route 128.
> >