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Re: Traffic

On 12 Oct 99,  Mike Thomas wrote:

> As far as 128 is concerned, just change the name to I-95 and be done with
> it.  There will be some confusion at the beginning, but all the exit and
> route conflicts could be solved at the same time, and it would make more
> sense of traffic updates.  As far as the locals, of which I am one---suck
> it up and deal.  Either that or return the Federal Highway money that
> built 128, er..I-95 in the first place.
I'm not sure that Federal money did build 128 in the first place.  I think 
the original Route 128 was built in the early 50s, before the Interstate 
Highway program.  The road was widened in the early 60s, probably with 
some federal money, but nobody made it a Federal interstate highway at 
that time.  

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