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Re: UMass Football

In a message dated 10/3/99 8:09:49 PM EST, lawyer@world.std.com writes:

<< I also noticed, while driving out to 
 Amherst yesterday, that WNEB was carrying the game in the Worcester area.  
 I don't know if there's a Springfield-area station.  I stuck with WNEB  >>

Has anyone noticed that WNEB is not even LISTED in Arbitron.  Understandable 
a smaller station not "showing up" in the ratings, but what I mean here is 
that they are not even listed in the slogans sheet (that lists every station 
on air, and then some), nor are they listed on the Worcester book first few 
pages where all stations are shown.  (supposedly all stations).  -  This is 
not a result of WNEB being off for many years in the early-mid 90's;  as I 
had ratings when it simulcasted WJIB.
----jibguy (Bob Bittner)