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UMass Football

I guess winning the national championship rated better stations.  After 
two years on WADN, they've moved back to WXKS this year, so they can 
finally be heard again in Boston.  I also noticed, while driving out to 
Amherst yesterday, that WNEB was carrying the game in the Worcester area.  
I don't know if there's a Springfield-area station.  I stuck with WNEB 
until I got almost to Palmer (pretty weak signal by then) and could pick 
up WMUA.  Unfortunately, the team doesn't seem to be doing as well this 

I arrived at the actual game at halftime.  I noticed people getting up to 
leave after each time Hofstra scored.  I left when UMass had the ball on 
the 7 yard line, with 4th down and 3 yards.  And they couldn't make the 
yardage and lost the ball.  I might just as well have stayed home and 
watched it on television.  It was one of three games being carried this 
fall on Fox Sports New England.

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