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Re: Mix 93.1

The last time WHYN moved toward CHR as "The Giant" back in 1987, it was a miserable failure.  Still, they had to do something with that station.  It was all over the road and unfocused, much like WSNE-Taunton.  I guess getting
spanked by WMAS-FM book after book prompted the move.  I've gotten calls from that end of the state during my shifts at WXLO, so a move in that direction could be beneficial to them.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

mike778707@wjbqmail.com wrote:

> WHYN-FM, 93.1 , in Springfield is now calling itself "Mix 93.1", playing more hot AC now and less older music. Its almost CHR now. Not only is this the return of a 'mix' to the Springfield area, its the return of a mix 93!!