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Clear Channel Albany list

After writing that post about WHRL going to
alternative and it being a part of Clear Channel
Albany, I thought I would give a list of stations
Clear Channel owns in the Albany market:

WGY, AM 810, Schenectady, news/talk
WTMM, AM 1300, Rensselaer, sports
WRVE, 99.5 FM, Schenectady, adult rock
WXCR, 102.3 FM, Ballston Spa, classic rock
WHRL, 103.1 FM, Albany, alternative
WQBJ, 103.5 FM, Cobleskill, //WQBK
WQBK, 103.9 FM, Rensselaer, active rock

It is interesting to note that since WQBJ/WQBK went
active rock, alternative rock listeners in the western
end of the market will be left out in the rain.  WHRL
is good especially in the areas of Albany, Rensselaer,
and Greene counties (it comes in elsewhere of course,
but not as well).  The combination of WQBJ and WQBK
covers numerous counties, and as far west as about
Little Falls.  

Another point to be made is that there will be many
shocked state workers in Downtown Albany at work
tomorrow.  WHRL has the clearest signal of any FM
signal in Downtown Albany, and I can imagine smooth
Jazz was a good choice for office work anyway. 
Imagine these people turning on 103.1 to hear Korn and

Gavin Burt
Albany, New York


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