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Re: JCS owes Sox $12 Million

In a message dated 10/03/1999 4:00:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kvahey@megsinet.net writes:

> Will McDonough finally wrote what many of us who work in sports TV have
>  known for months. JCS has yet to pay the Red Sox for the 1999 season ( 10
>  Million) PLUS, they owe NESN another $2 Million for production costs)
>  Personally I would be shocked if the Red Sox see more than 30 cents on the
>  dollar, as JCS heavily discounted the rate card, and as it was the rate
>  structure could never recover the costs.
>  The Red Sox deserve what they got, as they were blinded by dollar signs, 
>  since JCS owns NOTHING, chance of recovery by the Sox are next to nil.
>  Only good thing to report is the little guys ( production people ) have
>  gotten paid by NESN, so only the suits are going to get hurt.

How many stations did JCS have in New England for broadcast of the games?

I know in the Portland area I was unable to get any of the JCS games.
(on the big 3 that is) No FOX signal at my location.

Good day