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Re: in memory of Ruth Clenott, and other news you need to know

>Richard wrote--
>    But you're wrong to dismiss the Ventura business lightly. This is a
>case of bigotry, and you're being downright insensitive about it.
>    After all, hatred is hatred, even if it's directed against people
>you don't happen to like.
>    Actually, Gov. Ventura insulted *every* religious person,
>whether they're left, right, or otherwise; and whether they're
>hotheaded fanatics or genteel intellectuals like me.

Read my comments again-- I am not dismissing what he said.  I am defending 
his right to say it, as much as Patrick Buchanan has a right to say Hitler 
was misunderstood, or other similarly inane things that polticians say.  I 
just feel the media would do well to worry about corporate censorship 
rather than landing on the dumb political quote du jour.

I think Jesse still thinks like a pro wrestler-- say something outrageous 
and then wait for the cameras to arrive.