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in memory of Ruth Clenott, and other news you need to know

I heard a very sad edition of Dave Maynard's normally frivolous "The Other 
Side" on WBZ today, wherein he announced that his former producer, Ruth 
Clenott, lost her battle with cancer on 14 September.  Now, given that Ruth 
had been the producer of Community Auditions for over 25 years, and also 
directed and co-ordinated numerous telethons and radiothons and the annual 
Farmstand, wouldn't you think somebody on WBZ should have mentioned when 
she died?  I don't recall hearing about it-- correct me if I missed it.

And speaking of things I missed, did you hear any news stories on WBZ radio 
or TV about their new CEO, Sumner Redstone saying in China yesterday that 
news reporters ought to cover the news but be careful not to offend the 
governments of the countries where they are working?  Charming.  Just 
charming.  I didn't hear any commentary about it on NBC or CNN or ABC 
either-- and all of the CEOs of these companies were at that same economic 
summit in China...   (But everybody was huffing and puffing about some 
comments Jesse Ventura made about organised religion... now you tell me 
which will affect my life more-- news being turned into non offensive 
entertainment or the governor of Minnesota expressed his views in Playboy 
magazine about right-wing fanaticism?)  Okay, rant-mode off.