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Re: in memory of Ruth Clenott, and other news you need to know

Donna wrote:

> (But everybody was huffing and puffing about some 
> comments Jesse Ventura made about organised religion... now you tell me 
> which will affect my life more-- news being turned into non offensive 
> entertainment or the governor of Minnesota expressed his views in Playboy 
> magazine about right-wing fanaticism?)  Okay, rant-mode off.

   Donna, of course you're right about Sumner Redstone's desire to not
offend the Chinese.  We can expect a chilling effect on journalism
from such sentiments.   

   But you're wrong to dismiss the Ventura business lightly. This is a
case of bigotry, and you're being downright insensitive about it.  

   After all, hatred is hatred, even if it's directed against people
you don't happen to like.

   Actually, Gov. Ventura insulted *every* religious person,
whether they're left, right, or otherwise; and whether they're
hotheaded fanatics or genteel intellectuals like me. 

   Here's what he said:
	"Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people 
	who need strength in numbers."

   That's broad enough to insult Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and
every other religious community all at once.   So just put your own
family's religion into the blank:

	"____________ is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people 
	who need strength in numbers"

and realize that Jesse The Bigot has insulted you too.   

Best wishes: "Peace, love, and tie-dye..."
--Richard Chonak