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Goodbye WHRL

Since NERW doesn't come out this week, I thought I
would break this news on the mailing list:  A few
minutes before Midnight on Friday, October 1, WHRL
(103.1) in Albany, N.Y. gave up 12 years of smooth
Jazz for alternative as "Channel 103-1".  The
beginning of the new alternative format came with
little fanfare, with just a liner saying "WHRL
Albany-Channel 103-1".  

If anyone is wondering, alternative simulcast WQBJ
(103.5 Cobleskill) and WQBK (103.5 Rensselaer) have
gone to an active rock format, leaving the room for
WHRL to go alternative.  Clear Channel owns seven
stations in the Albany market, and of these, one is
news/talk, one is sports talk, and the other five
(including WHRL, WQBJ, and WQBK) are either adult,
classic, active, or alternative rock.

No word has come out yet where the smooth Jazz
listeners will go.  My best guesses would be soft gold
WKLI (94.5 Ravena) or soft AC WYJB (95.5 Albany).  But
I'm sure they won't stay with any Clear Channel

Gavin Burt
Albany, New York


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