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Re: Rockin' Hits of the 60s & 70s

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Quentin has also been sitting in for Sue Cope on WXRV (The River) during the
morning drive.  The other day, Keith Andrews had Quentin reminiscing about
his old days at 92.5 and even let him do a "Lyte 92.5" pseudo-aircheck.
Keith and Quentin have a great rapport during their pre-news banter.  Throw
in a little Rich Kirkland, and it can be pretty entertaining.  Rich calls
Quentin by the nickname, "Q."

Didn't Quentin use a different name years ago when it wasn't so accepted to
be ethnic in radio?


> From: Bill Piacentini <billpi@ll.mit.edu>
> > Btw, Quentin Migliori, formerly of WJIBFM97 as well as WSRSFM96 and
> others,
> > has replaced Sue Cope in the AM and Noon newscasts (provided by Metro
> > Networks) of WPLM...EASY99.1. Quentin has a great voice and is really
> > under-used in this market!
>From: Marc Lemay
> Couldn't agree more!!!!  I worked with Quentin at WLYT when he did
> and I did the 92.5 second news update...(altho...I never made it in the
> required 92.5 seconds...).