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Re: Rockin' Hits of the 60s & 70s

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> Quentin has also been sitting in for Sue Cope on WXRV (The River) during
> morning drive.  The other day, Keith Andrews had Quentin reminiscing about
> his old days at 92.5 and even let him do a "Lyte 92.5" pseudo-aircheck.
> Keith and Quentin have a great rapport during their pre-news banter.
> in a little Rich Kirkland, and it can be pretty entertaining.  Rich calls
> Quentin by the nickname, "Q."
> Didn't Quentin use a different name years ago when it wasn't so accepted
> be ethnic in radio?
> -Lou

He was known as the Big Q a LONG time ago on RKO...if memory serves me
correct -

Wish I could get my hands on a tape of the morning show with Q doing news on
XRV - probably a hoot...memory lane.

Back in the days of LYT - there was no banter between me and Q - wasn't
allowed.  Besides - when I got off news on LYT at :58 I was prepping for the
news on HAV at :00 and the same at the bottom of the hour.  Mornings were
slightly tight at 30 How for some time - until Q started reading his own
news...so I could concentrate on the hub of activity known as Haverhill.
(Whooo Hooooo!)

Marc Lemay