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Re: Sumner Redstone in Trouble?

For a tough character like Sumner who was able to survive a fire in a hotel in 1979 by climbing out of a third floor window and clinging by his fingertips from a ledge until
help came eventhough flames had engulfed his body, this will simply prove to be a minor
distraction...What surely is a much bigger issue for the Viacom-CBS deal is the $500 million payoff that must be made in order for Viacom to get out of the
majority ownership in the UPN...
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Bill Decker
Media Consultant

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999 16:25:39   Donna Halper wrote:
>I am sure many of you saw the front page of the Boston Herald today-- 
>Sumner's wife, fed up with his philandering, is filing for divorce (she 
>filed previously but he talked he out of it, promising he wouldn't run 
>around on her any more, but then recently,

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