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Re: Driving the calls (was: wrong call letters)

Ron v. Floyd writes
> P.S. Oh Bill, did you witness what to me was a mind-blowing
experience on
> WCAP long ago, when they played side B of The Beatles' Abbey Road
LP, in
> broad daylight???

Must have preceded my tenure.  Let's see, I've grabbed 120 from the
rack a couple of times (try saying that outside of a radio listserv).
About the only mind-blowing experience I can recall there.  Oh, once
Manilow melted down in one of the triple deckers (where's the
downside?).  Wreck of the Edmond Fitz. let me down 2:30 into the
bathroom selection at a most inopportune moment once (Don't try to
find the upside.)

Bill O'Neill