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Re: Driving the calls (was: wrong call letters)

I worked behind the scenes at WLLH in 1978. The jocks in AM control said
something about having to use the calls 3 times in a break... WLLH time,
wx, pick hit of the week or what not... may our memories of WLLH as _we
knew it_ rest in peace (and on airchecks!)

Ron Gitschier
onetime WLLH clerk on WLLH... WLLH the Leader...

P.S. Oh Bill, did you witness what to me was a mind-blowing experience on
WCAP long ago, when they played side B of The Beatles' Abbey Road LP, in
broad daylight???  It musta been during Mr. Cohen's in-the-big-round-RV
nap time in the afternoon. It left an impression on me; I played the same
selection as my last song(s) on the air at WYHI 1570...

Ron Gitschier
Jax, FL (all cleaned up from Floyd's brush by)

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Dan Billings writes:
> I'm still amazed how some stations > allow jocks to be sloppy about
> giving the calls.
> One of the more rigid examples of bracketing I can recall (as a
> listener) had to be the former "98.5 WROR" first and last thing out of
> the jock's mouth. <snip> It was great to listen to for the fundamentals
> of the craft, nonetheless, especially given the talent on board.
> Bill O'Neill