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Re: Country Sportsmen?

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Hmm.. WKBR (1250 Manchester) is still 1 on 1 sports.  Over the
> weekend they were both kinds of music, country AND western.  Now, they
> are shports again.  Just an observation.
> Bill O'Neill

Maybe 1 on 1 aired a slew of Rodeo Shows/Remotes, calf ropings. etc...
Maybe I can get someone to aircheck the new 'mawnin faahm repoarts" once
the new format takes shape?? I applaud the move wish them the best of
luck. Long live local & live Merrimack Valley radio!!

Ron Gitschier
WGSR 1570 fill in board op New Music of Your Life
Fernandina Beach (Jacksonville), FL