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Not Wrong Names, but no names

Branching of the wrong call sign, wrong name twig, I'll vine my way over to "No

Over the past several months I've been recording various stations and often find
an on air personality hardly ever/never giving their name.

Since most of my recording is done on weekends as I travel about New England,
I'm wondering if I'm just running into a week-end only phenomenum? Personal
choice, or maybe directed so by management.?

My guess is a lot of times the weekend air talent has a real show/name on
another station during the week and may just be filling in on the weekend. The
name is not given to avoid listener confusion? i dunno i dunno i dunno ! ! !

  Actually, this past Saturday morning I was recording WXLO 104.5 Fitchburg and
in my 45 minutes of recording not a single name was given.

Derry NH