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IDs in Canada (Was Re: FM Talk 96.9)

>On 11 Sept 1999 Mark Laurence wrote:
>Of course, "CKLW, The Motor City" never had to mention their
>hidden city of license at all.

        I believe that then, and now, Canadian stations had to / have to
give the calls and COL (and maybe the name of the licensee) once each 24
hours at any time they choose. And if that's incorrect, I bet someone on
the group here will fix me up right away <g>.

        I recently heard one of the privately owned Canadians do the ID at
around midnight one night  (maybe it was right after the midnight news),
with the licensee name included. Most stations apparently do it later--way
in the middle of the night.

        None of which is to take away from the rest of your comment: Yes,
the CKLW top-hour jingle was a classic of classics made possible by the
different Canadian ID rules. But they used to mention Windsor all the time
back in the '60s, actually, because there was (is?) a one-hour time
difference during U.S. daylight savings time, as apparently that area of
Ontario (or the whole province?) didn't / doesn't use it. The jock used to
say, "8:21 in Detroit, 7:21 in Windsor."

        As news-talk now, I notice that CKLW does sort of the same thing
with temperature. Unlike nearly all the other Canadians I hear, they give
Celsius and then Fahrenheit temps each time. For one reason or another, I
don't think they still do the dual time-checks. At least I don't recall
hearing them lately.