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This was forwarded to me, thought I'd pass it along

AFTRA Files Charges Against Entercom

The union says Entercom is violating civil rights and employment
laws in Boston, where it bought five stations from CBS last year, by
proposing that sexual harassment and discrimination cases be
arbitrated rather than decided by jury trials. Not only is this against
federal and state law, AFTRA Boston Broadcast Director Ashley
Adams tells R&R ONLINE, but it means that victims of harassment
and discrimination would likely receive smaller settlements. AFTRA
filed those charges with the Boston branch of the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission, but separate charges were filed with the
Boston National Labor Relations Board yesterday on a different
allegation: that Entercom wants to "drastically" cut wages for
part-time employees and reduce pension contributions and life
insurance payouts. The two sides have been negotiating a new
contract since April. Entercom could not immediately be reached for


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