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Night Orange

RE: WSMN 1590 AM Nashua NH

Night Orange host Ken Gidge has been found.  He strolled into the studio and
opened the mic at 9:48PM last night(Thursday) saying he was early. That's
strange because he had heavily promoting his show as starting at 9:00PM.
On Tuesday after the 9:00PM news, the intro music to his show was actually
played, then cut over to satellite talk feed.

Ken mumbled something about getting in trouble. He went on to say that the
mayor, and several other prominent political figures in Nashua ought to lighten
up as the picture he hung in Nashua City Hall was meant as a joke, not a

Oh Ken, oh oh oh Ken, what a strange show!

He then went on to play a string of Reggae songs followed by the unanticipated
2nd appearance of the Love Woman and a conversation about hand condoms. Seems as
though his scheduled psychic  could not be found this evening.

Oh Ken, oh oh oh Ken, what a strange show!

Derry NH