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Re: Driving the calls (was: wrong call letters)

They want to pound the call letters/slogan/show name
into your head, just in case you have a ratings book.
And they know people may tune in for only a few minutes at a time, so
they make sure that those people
get to hear this info as well. 

I know some stations train their DJs to open up every
talk break with a liner, as I noticed when I was
briefly working for WNSH: "Northshore 1570, WNSH,
with music from..." Probably a good idea, but it can
be overdone.

Howie Carr's listeners have poked fun at him for his constant
repetition of his own name and the phone number. Even Howie's sidekick,
Giles Threadgold,
gave him some grief about it: "This is the Howie Carr
show! Howie Carr! You're listening to Howie Carr!
Howie Carr!", etc.

Then again, I heard some stations go a long time without announcing the
call letters, host's name, or the name of the show. Once I taped a
whole hour of jazz
on WRMC/ Middlebury College up in Vermont and while they said what they
played, they didn't say the name
of the show (or name of the host) and --naughty naughty-- I heard not
only no legal ID, but no mention
of the calls, period! That must be the other extreme.

- --- Sven Weil <sven@lily.org> wrote:
> One of the things that annoys me to no end about
> commercial radio in this
> country...overannouncing the station name. 

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