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Re: wrong call letters

Who here has ever announced the calls of a station you LISTENED to while
you were on the air at a station you worked for?

one intance of me at WSIA:  "You're listening to Staten Island's greater
1050 WEV... -pause- WSIA 88.9"

(WSIA broadcasts on 88.9 FM) and at that time WEVD's positioner was "New
York's greater 1050".  I was thinking of "Staten Island's greater 88.9
WSIA" and that's what came out of my mouth.


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On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Donna Halper wrote:

> A little before noon, I was listening to the news on WBZ radio and was 
> amused to hear the weekend sports reporter close his report with "WHJJ.... 
> (pause)... WBZ sports."