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Re: wrong call letters

It's funny you'd mention this, Donna...

I was listening too (from the comfort of the WBUR newsroom) when the
fill-in sports anchor, Mark Katic, made his little snafu. Katic's full
time job (as you might have guessed) is as the morning sports anchor on
WHJJ in Providence. He also worked for a time doing weekend evenings on
ESPN radio (back when it was weekends only), which I don't believe he does

I had the pleasure to take a class with Mark about 5 years ago, and he's
definately a pro - not to mention a wonderful guy. It's a shame he's stuck
working 7-day weeks to make ends meet...(then again, aren't we all?)

- --Scott--

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Donna Halper wrote:

> A little before noon, I was listening to the news on WBZ radio and was 
> amused to hear the weekend sports reporter close his report with "WHJJ.... 
> (pause)... WBZ sports."   What with traffic reporters doing their reports 
> on so many stations and assorted weekenders being on many stations 
> too,  I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often!