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Re: wrong call letters


have never blown the calls by mentioning a station i LISTENED to, 

although i did, finally, in 1996 blow them (after 13 very proud years of 
moonlighting and keeping them straight) on a Friday, the last day of two very 
long weeks of doing the middays at country WPOR in Portland and the evening 
shift at country WBCS in Boston.  happened on the air in Portland (i hope Bob 
Gold wasn't listening... ;-)   ).  took me two tries to actually mess them up 
properly.  first attempt caught myself on a backsell saying "Boston's 
Country.... er, music scene is nothing compared to Portland's!"     the 
second attempt, though, left nothing to the imagination, doing a fullblown 
"Boston's Country Station, 96.9  WBCS".   turned red from the neck up.  never 
got called on it though.  ( and, <g> not that i dwell on it any way, shape or 
until then, i had juggled a minimum of two sets of calls on a regular basis, 
and for a time, was making the "three pointer" every saturday. (5a-9a Augusta 
ME / 10a-1p Portland ME / 4p-7p Boston ).  much easier with different formats.

Funniest "almost blown" set came from the very talented Greg Murray.  He and 
i were both in the Navy together in Brunswick, ME  late 70's/early 80's, and 
he was on the 50k watt flamethrower, WIGY, p/t before he got out.   having 
slid down the dial and the interstate, he was settled in at WGAN FM 103, 
doing chr in 84...  the frontsell, out of the blue, started off as "W I ... 
can't believe how great you are!  You're ringing the phones off the hook!  
Keep the calls coming in to FM 103."     i heard the pregnant pause, and 
laughed all the way to work (at the time at WGAN AM & FM.)  great recovery.  
nice guy, too.

it happens.  and when it does, we ALL pray that no one heard.  (or posted it 
on the internet...  <g>  )

- - -Chuck Igo


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