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Bill O'Neill,

Yes, Bill, there are two other stations in the new building that houses WTIC
AM/FM.  They are WZMX (Dancin' Oldies Z93-7) & Lite 100.5/WRCH.  They are
now owned by CBS.  Some of the people in Hartford weren't to happy to hear
that "The Pulse of New England - WTIC/AM 1080 was moving to suburban
Farmington.  Anyway, WTIC AM/FM transmit from Avon Mountain,  WRCH from
Rattlesnake Mountain (on the top of Route 6 in Farmington, along wFox 61
WTIC-TV & NBC 30 WVIT) & WZMX from Meriden Mountain.  Maybe that's the
reason that there were no carrier failures on those stations.

Jack Allen
99Rock/New Haven