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Anyone notice who (doesn't) own(s) WPLM-FM?

At 02:01 AM 9/10/99 -0400, Mike Thomas wrote: [And at that precise time 
Bill Piacentini was dreaming he owned WPLM-FM (EASY99.1)]
>Congratulations on the numbers Bill.  Although I'm not a big listener of 
>station, the times I have tuned in, there seems to be a nice balance 
>between the
>traditional "nostalgia" titles and the more contemporary ones.  It is 
>more listenable than the satellite driven fare at the AM's in Boston and
>Providence.  I wonder how much the format being on FM rather than AM 
>helped the
>station in those two markets?  As you well know, the stock radios in Crown
>Victoria's do have FM :)  Seriously, your(sic) station is filling an 
>demo, 35-64, quite well.  Continued success to you(sic).
>Mike Thomas
>WXLO & Mediabase 24/7
[And then I woke up;looked at my email and thought it was TRUE]
Thanks for the good words, Mike.
I don't have any FINANCIAL interest in EASY99.1 (darn it!)!
I do have a heartfelt interest in its success, however.
It renews my faith in independent ownership succeeding with good, decent 
programming (where you can leave your kids in the room and not worry what 
will be played or said next) in this "polyopoly" (have I coined a new 
word?) industry!
I am sure Jason and the rest of the staff had a good laugh at your email.

- -Bill Piacentini

- --
Takin' it...EASY99.1!
Any use of this moniker as impersonating an EASY99.1 staff member, either 
expressed or implied, is purely a figment of your (and my) imagination! Let 
Independents Rule!