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Re: "WHUB" and WSJZ...

Bob Nelson writes:
> By the way, I wonder how much longer WRKO will call
> itself "The Talk Station" since they now have competition. "Boston's
> BEST talk"?

FM Talk 96.9 holds some very interesting cards right now.  For one,
they can now boast of "more local talk" during the day.  When WRKO is
19 hours delayed-playback for Dr. Laura then to the bird for Limbaugh,
FM is live, local.

For another (and this could get campy...quickly) FM could boast the
benefits of the cleaner audio associated with FM, esp. once they kick
it up a bit.  In reality, however,  (hype/perceptions aside) a 3k
phone call is a 3k phone call.  Also, my guess is that since the hosts
are not benefitting from WSJZ's local mic processing (it appears that
they are in a remote studio) until they decide to kick up the density
and presence, they aren't competitively loud in cars and itty bitty
radios (I love technical talk).  Could they be waiting until music is
all gone?

BTW, credit due, I've thoroughly enjoyed Stacy Taylor this morning on
the topic of airline nightmares, customer service.  Not to overuse the
word, but refreshing comes to mind.

Bill O'Neill