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Re: WTIC... toc...

 >Mike wrote:
>Station side: WZMX (93.7), WRCH (100.5), WNEZ (910).
>I think 840 am is still there too, but I am not sure.
        I believe this is incorrect. WNEZ, the former WRCQ and long-time
co-owned with WRCH (FM), is gone from the Farmington location at least
since it was sold to Mega, although, of course, its four towers are still
there. Studios are in Hartford. As far as I know, 840, WRYM, never was
there. Studios are in Newington, at its always-been transmitter site.

>Transmitter side: WTIC-FM & AM Transmitters on
>Deercliff Rd in Avon. WTIC-FM's on WEDH-TV's tower,
>(WWUH also transmits from this tower). WTIC-AM is
>also next to Channel 3's tower in the same field as

        Yes. Reminds me: Let's anticipate FM and TV in 1929-30 by buying a
great piece of land on top of a very rocky ridge and putting our AM towers
there, so we'll have a very bad groundwave signal. Always wondered what
that was about.

        I don't know what the STL is now. But this is the second time in
the past couple years that WTIC (AM) has been off the air for more than
hour in prime time/drivetime in the afternoon. A bomb scare forced
evacuation of its old downtown studios awhile back and the one-hour
emergency tape (of Schlesinger!) ran out. The FM put a CD in repeat and
stayed on, if you call that "on," for the whole two hours or so.

        This time, the same question arises, from me, as last time,
especially about the AM: They have (or at least used to have) a studio up
at the transmitter site that's better than a lot of little stations have
for their main studio. Why the h*** didn't someone go up to the transmitter
and broadcast something? And, sad to say, in 1999, this is what passes for
big-time clear-channel radio.