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Re: An Additional Comment

I agree with your sentiments.  Being "on the beach" really stinks.  As far as
the WSJZ staff is concerned however, hopefully they'll be sending T&R's to
other formats besides smooth jazz.  Lately, smooth jazz is being dumped in a
lot of markets.  In the last month or so, SJ stations in Charlotte, Pittsburgh
as well as Boston have thrown in the towel.  Not too long ago, WKCD in the
Groton-New London market dropped jazz for Modern AC.  It's tough to find a gig
in the format right now. If I was working at a smooth jazz station, and it
wasn't one of the "Big 6" that everyone likes to mention, I'd be a little
nervous right now.  Luckily, most SJ air personalities can make the transition
to a more stable format like AC, Urban or even some rock formats.  Good luck to
all from WSJZ.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Mark wrote:

>    I also feel for the fine WSJZ airstaff that now have to send out the
> tapes and resumes and hopefully land a gig that will pay the bills and put
> food on the table.I wish them all the best of luck in finding that new
> airshift somewhere soon.
>  Mark Watson