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An Additional Comment

I mistakenly omitted this paragraph from my last post.

     A lot of us may not like change in the radio industry.Many folks in
the Merrimack Valley,myself included, were less than pleased when WLLH was
sold earlier this year and it's new owners decided to change formats from
Adult Standards to Spanish.It left a lot of the people who enjoyed the
music and other programming WLLH had to offer upset,they expressed their
displeasure to the local newspaper,to this list,and to the station itself.I
will admit I'm not a big fan of the Smooth Jazz format,and I did not listen
to WSJZ all that much,just a few minutes here and there,but I know those
who enjoyed the format are upset by Greater Media's decision to jettison
the format,and they too are entitled to their right to express their
opinions to this list,the local newspapers,and to Greater Media itself.But
it shouldn't turn into a mud slinging name calling fiasco. We should try to
remain civil and keep ourselves in check.

   I also feel for the fine WSJZ airstaff that now have to send out the
tapes and resumes and hopefully land a gig that will pay the bills and put
food on the table.I wish them all the best of luck in finding that new
airshift somewhere soon.

 Mark Watson