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Re: two requests, inspired by the smooth jazz discussion

     Donna Halper wrote

> 1.  Can't we all just get along?  Most of the time, I love this group (or

> list or bunch of folks or whatever) because it offers a wide range of 
> viewpoints and still remains civil.  But periodically, it seems to
> into factionalism and name calling, and while I understand that these 
> subjects can get everyone emotional, I much prefer dialogue to "dissing".
   I agree with you Donna,and the others who have made similar comments.As
someone who worked in radio part time for a few years,but having been a
long time "radio geek"(for lack of a better description) as well as having
friends who are currently employed in area radio stations or have been in
the industry in the past,I have noticed (as I'm sure most,if not all on
this list) that the radio industry today is quite different from 20,30,or
40 years ago.I don't agree with the "read those liners,play the same 500
songs over and over,cookie cutter" radio that most stations have become.I
also disagree with allowing companies to own multiple stations in a
market,as I feel it deprives the small guy or group a chance to own a
station,and I think it also creates less opportunities for unemployed air
talent to land a new gig if he/she loses his/her job at one of the stations
owned by a company.

Happy New Year to you Donna,and to all on this list who will be observing
the arrival of the year 5760.

Mark Watson