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Re: two requests, inspired by the smooth jazz discussion

In a message dated 9/8/99 8:55:54 PM EDT, dlh@donnahalper.com writes:

<< Oh and one last thing-- for those of you on the list who are NOT worried 
 about Y2K because it is really about to become the 60s (5760 to be exact), 
 I wish you a happy and healthy Jewish New Year! >>

Same to you, Donna and to whomever else on this list this may apply.
As an avid radio listener, I've learned a lot reading this group and trying 
to mostly lurk only.  Since I consider myself a  "talk radio freak" (as well 
as a music freak, although not jazz)  I am happy to have some new options, 
although as a currently  unemployed person, I haven't been listening to my 
usual drive time hosts. I'm happy to hear that Stephanie is entertaining, 
funny and liberal, and I look forward to hearing her show.   But since I 
already listen to Katz, Carr, Stern and Bell, I guess that proves I'll listen 
to just about anything. : )

Phyllis (my real name)