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two requests, inspired by the smooth jazz discussion

1.  Can't we all just get along?  Most of the time, I love this group (or 
list or bunch of folks or whatever) because it offers a wide range of 
viewpoints and still remains civil.  But periodically, it seems to descend 
into factionalism and name calling, and while I understand that these 
subjects can get everyone emotional, I much prefer dialogue to "dissing".

2.  I agree with whoever suggested that we use our real names, or at least 
our air names on this list.  I have often been curious about who somebody 
is and wanted to talk in more depth about the subject, but didn't know to 
whom I really was talking.  I understand that some PDs may have lurked on 
this list to see what somebody from their company might be saying, or 
sometimes a person feels safer expressing a controversial view under an 
assumed name-- but in general, I think we all sort of know each other, and 
I can't see a good reason to hide our identities.  Feel free to discuss or 
debate this suggestion, but please be gentle... <ggg>

Oh and one last thing-- for those of you on the list who are NOT worried 
about Y2K because it is really about to become the 60s (5760 to be exact), 
I wish you a happy and healthy Jewish New Year!