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Tele-Media has LMAs to fourteen stations with this one.  they own
WABY-AM/FM, WKLI and WKBE-FM in Albany and stations in California as well as
WBEC AM/FM in Pittsfield, MA and WZEC-FM in Hoosick Falls, NY.

The old Tele-Media sold 26 stations to Citadel Communications in July of
'97.  Hq. is in Bellefonte, PA  Ira Rosenblatt is VP and COO. Their press
release says that Clark will continue to operate the station.

Ira Apple

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Does anyone know anything about a company called "Telemedia"?  They are
buying out WNNH in Concord, NH  and Clark Smidt who will become director
of procurement in New England for Telemedia.

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