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Re: WMEX Memories

Wasn't Larry (Lawrence Raymond) Welch (AKA The Voice of 
the Turtle) on WMEX in AM drive around then? Or was he 
on a different station--WORL maybe?

Welch was very talented but had a serious drinking 
problem (which I believe eventually killed him). I think 
he came to Boston from WKBS in Oyster Bay NY (now WTHE 

>So I was going through some old Variety clippings, and found one 
from July 
>of 1958.  It mentioned that WMEX, "Color Radio", had just introduced 
>Beachcomber", who goes around to Boston-area beaches seeking out 
people who 
>are listening to WMEX on their portable radio-- winners receive free 

>records... And Variety listed an airstaff that was interesting-- 
 for one 
>thing, it announced the arrival of Donn Parker from Freeport New 
York, who 
>would be on the air as "The New Boy In Town" (now, I recall a later 
>name" of "The Jones Boy" which used the Mills Brothers' 78-era song 
>whole town's talking about the Jones boy", but I do not recall Donn 
>using "the new boy in town"-- that couldn't have been a WMEX house 

>name...).  Other airstaff were Larry Logan (who?) doing morning drive, 
>also on the air was Dan Donovan (now THAT was a house name) and Mel