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Re: 96.9 testing...123

I tuned into WSJZ a couple of times recently and heard them running ads
for Jaguar cars. Hmm, trying for the upscale audience. What sort of
businesses will want to advertise on a talk station--something a bit
more middle-class, maybe?

And on the subject of advertisers dealing with a
changed format--remember on "WKRP in Cincinnatti" when
the format changed from beautiful music to rock and
roll and at least one advertiser stuck on? 

Dr. Johnny Fever: "so hang tight, babies...together we will growl and
HOWL!!!!--Right after this message from
Shady Hills Rest Home."

Commercial: "Many people ask this age-old question--
what happens when I can no longer feed myself?"

- --- "MovieMan@shore.net" <MovieMan@shore.net> wrote:
> I've heard that the sales department was getting
> their share of irate calls 
> from *pissed* advertisers who didn't want to be
> associated with the new 
> format today.  Kick them in the wallet!

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