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Re: 96.9 testing...123

I've heard that the sales department was getting their share of irate calls 
from *pissed* advertisers who didn't want to be associated with the new 
format today.  Kick them in the wallet!

At 03:44 PM 8/23/99 -0400, Tony Abruzzese wrote:
>Brian Vita wrote:
> > Unfortunately I'm out of town and I missed the changeover this morning.  I
> > went to the "www.smoothjazz969.com" web site to listen to the audio feed
> > this morning and its gone from the site.  Too bad that their premier show
> > was a repeat.  Any word on whether the phones were ringing on Morrissey 
> Blvd?
> >
>The phones were ringing on Friday morning. Chuck Monroe mentioned it several
>times, thanking the callers who called to wish Debbie Enblom and himself 
>well on
>their last day. He also mentioned referring some outraged callers to the
>appropriate person at the station.
>Very classy, he and Debby made it a point to thank Greater Media (in the final
>half hour, anyway) for the chance to have a farewell broadcast, commenting 
>on the
>practice in the industry of giving outgoing talent the boot with nary a 
>word of
>Tony Abruzzese