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RE: 96.9 testing...123

I know both of these first two mornings, at least for the first hour of
the show, the break ins/outs have been rather sloppy (e.g., 96.9 returns
to the show while the network--or WFAN?--is still in the middle of a
commercial).  Also, I don't know if it is just 96.9 not legitimately
linked up yet, or if this is part of the show's schtick (obviously I
never listened to the show before--and, so far, I'm not too impressed by
these "best of"s  P=| ), but 96.9 joins in the middle of WFAN's local
newscast!  I do realize WFAN is the show's flagship/home, but is it
normal protocol to carry WFAN's local bits, including their calls?