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Re: why put talk on FM??? Well....

Just wondering - will 96.9 go monaural when it switches to talk? It would
even moreso increase the signal quality in the "fringe" areas. The
station's website (http://www.smoothjazz969.com) has a coverage map with a
caption that boasts that the signal can be heard from parts of Maine to
Springfield to parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod.  It would
be rather ironic that one of Boston's original FM stations put on the air
for stereo reproduction of music would switch to talk in monaural... 

- - Keith Barry

At 10:56 AM 8/20/99 -0500, mike778707@wjbqmail.com wrote:
>I know from my personal experience 96.9 has a killer signal.
>When Ive travelled out west towards Springfield, you don't
>really lose it till way past Springfield.