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Re: why put talk on FM??? Well....

On 22 Aug 99,  barry@massed.net wrote:

> Just wondering - will 96.9 go monaural when it switches to talk? It would
> even moreso increase the signal quality in the "fringe" areas. The
> station's website (http://www.smoothjazz969.com) has a coverage map with a
> caption that boasts that the signal can be heard from parts of Maine to
> Springfield to parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod.  It would
> be rather ironic that one of Boston's original FM stations put on the air
> for stereo reproduction of music would switch to talk in monaural... 
Put on the air for stereo reproduction of music?  I don't think so.  WXHR 
was on the air long before FM multiplex stereo.  I think it first came on 
in 1948.  

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