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RE: What Aunty Donna said (WBZ)

On 22 Aug 99,  Sandra Gitschier wrote:

> At sea in the Atlantic, at night, while transiting across to the
> Mediterranean, I fall within the null (I imagine) within WBZ's cardioid
> pattern. I was hoping to fish them out around the rock of Gibraltar
> forgetting about the directional signal. No good. You can hear them about
> 2/3 of the way to the Azores, if you listen real close. It's a challenge
> that far out.
I once heard WBZ in Bermuda.  Back in 1966, while in college, I spent 
spring break in Bermuda.  While riding a rented moped, about 1 AM one 
evening, I was pulling out of a restaurant parking lot.  Pulling up next 
to me was a VW, with its radio blaring WBZ, sounding like a local.

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