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RE: What Aunty Donna said (WBZ)

> lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
>> On last Sunday's LTAR, Donna Halper mentioned that she had recently
>> visited Minneapolis, and while there could pick up WBZ.  However,
>> according to FCC info, there's a full-time station in neighboring
>> Maplewood with the call letters WCTS operating on 1030. <snippage>
>> Have any readers of NERW traveled to areas near stations\ operating
>> on 1030 at night, and if so, did you try picking up the Soldiers
>> Field Rd blowtorch?  As
>> for me, I took a trip to Colorado Springs CO a few years ago and
>> observed that there's a 1030 in Kansas (State Motto: "Evolution?  We
>> don't need no stinkin
>> evolution) somewhere that obliterated WBZ, but it may have been
>> nearly impossible otherwise.
>> Laurence from Methuen
> Dear Laurence, List:
> I've had some experience with WBZ during my naval career traveling
> around.
> While driving through northeastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho, my
> wife and I listened to Bob Raliegh. KTWO (50kw) in Casper, WY was down
> for maintenance. We stopped late for a motel and then from a pay phone
> I called Bob. The signal was decent with some fading from time to
> time. I even told the Mrs. to turn the car lights off via BZ's
> blowtorch signal vice yelling 20 feet out of the phone booth. That
> call landed me my coveted WBZ pen back in 1987.

I would occasionally get WBZ when I lived west of Seattle, WA late at
night with KTWO off for maintenance.

In the Caribbean, well south and also east of Puerto Rico, WBZ comes in
good. I listen from my ship out on the weather decks. There is a neat
english station WOSO in San Juan @ 10kw DA, lots of talk and news. They
haven't been a problem from the locations I've tried to listen from.

I was stationed in North Chicago, IL in 1982, and could listen at night
with no problems. In 1989 while driving I-80 from San Francisco to
NYC/Boston, there is lots o'splatter from WHO 1040 in DesMoines, but
hangs in there with some fading.
The same was for Iowa except for WHO's local coverage area.