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Re: AM (& FM) Presets

For the two radios I own that have presets (a Hitachi car radio makes
three, but it's in the closet), here they are:

DX-398 SW/MW/FM radio (home, and sometimes away):

AM: (all DX unless noted)
1. 880 WCBS
2. 700 WLW (used to be for CHSJ)
3. 1070 CBA
4. 1500 WTOP
5. 1460 WBET (local)
6. 1180 WHAM
7. 1110 WBT
8. 1690 (that station out in Delaware)
Priority memory: 1030

1. 99.5 WKLB 
2. 97.5 WOKQ
3. 91.7 WMWM
4. 90.9 WBUR
5. 101.1 WGIR (only for auto racing)
7. 102.5 WCRB
8. 104.9 WBCQ
9. 97.7

This shortwave radio I use for so much listening, has a whopping 300
memories though "only" 20 memories apiece for AM and FM, plus a "priority"
button that I set to WBZ.  To keep this on topic, the FM section of the
radio supports RDS.  One wonders how many (or how few) others do.

My Radio Shack "portable AM/FM stereo" (i.e, walkman-style):

1. 1030 
2. 1460

1. 99.5
2. 97.5
3. 90.9

This little radio has lots of presets (10 each) but it's a pain to program
since it has no nonvolatile memory and loses settings every time you change
batteries (the manual helpfully claims that memory settings are held for
"20 seconds" while you change batteries.  Try doing that to a small radio
with big fingers...)
Consequently, I only bother to program in the stations I really listen to.

Take care,


David Moisan, N1KGH, GROL                        dmoisan@shore.net
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