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Re: why put talk on FM??? Well....

I know from my personal experience 96.9 has a killer signal.
When Ive travelled out west towards Springfield, you don't
really lose it till way past Springfield. 


> While it was a tiny station, I did my first talk show for over 4 years at 
> WMFO 91.5 FM in Medford, the Tufts community station. Everyone always said 
> that the clarity of FM made discussion a bit more appealing versus the 
> scratchy AM talk. My show got a couple of complementary paragraphs in Dan 
> Kennedy/Boston Phoenix article called "The Death of Talk Radio" 
> [http://www.bostonphoenix.com/alt1/archive/news/97/05/08/TALK_RADIO.html]. 
> There are other talk shows, dealing with a multitude of topics and interests 
> on all of the small, noncommercial FMs in Boston so it isn't surprising that 
> a commercial FM talk station is finally happening here.  With WRKO the only 
> game in town and over 50% of it's on-air time syndicated (granted, Howie Carr 
> is local produced syndication), competition was needed badly, whether on AM 
> or FM. Does anyone know what 96.9's coverage is like? 
> Tony

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